In the cold and dry terraces of the small village of Collbató
is where the olives vera and palomar variety come from.

Oli de Vera is the result of the illusion of an oil producer family from Collbató - Catalonia (Spain) who wanted to maintain the tradition and culture of olive oil from the area, with a traditional cultivation of olives and production of cold pressed oil, obtaining a natural oil, with unique characteristics flavour and quality.


Qualified as extra virgin olive oil according to the Directorate General of Food Quality and Food Industries, it's been described as slightly fruity with a sour touch, spicy and well balanced.

These varieties of olives are only found in the Lower Llobregat North, Anoia in small area of the Valles.

Most of the olive crops is grown is Collbató and in Bruc, while the range of palomar can be found in greater numbers in Olesa Montserrat and Esparreguera.